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Please call first to explore whether we would be a good fit to work together.

My home office is located in Topanga Canyon.  I also have office space in a Healing Arts cooperative near Ocean Park Blvd and 29th Street in Santa Monica.

It is also possible for me to come to you, depending on what type of session you need and whether you would be better off not having to drive home after the session.

I am also available to do distance healing work over phone or Skype.  Most distance healing sessions involve a conversation in which we set the intentions for your session, then a time-frame during which you are resting or asleep while I do the remote energy healing, then a follow-up conversation in which we discuss the results.

Somatic Trauma Resolution sessions involve maintaining continuous verbal interaction throughout the session (via Skype or phone) as I guide you through the mind-body awareness exercises that will enable maximum discharge from your tissues and nervous system.


phone:   (424) 229-1299

e-mail:   AndreaSea "at" zoho "dot" com

Skype:   AndreaSea11





Andrea Sea
Spirit Touch Healing Arts
2901 Ocean Park Blvd Suite 207
Santa Monica, CA 90405
Google Voice:  (424) 229-1299