Spirit Touch Healing Arts

with Andrea Sea

An Integrative Approach to
Personal Transformation


I offer private sessions to support you in more fully expressing balance, health, and wholeness, and to facilitate your next steps on your evolutionary journey.

Each session is different, depending on the the energy and intentions you bring to your session.  By opening up possibilities for greater energy flow, new possibilites become available in your life.  In supporting your body's internal wisdom to make the changes you are ready to make, we allow energetic shifts to come from within.  Changes that come from within are in alignment with your being, so they tend to be easily integrated and long-lasting.  These transformational sessions generally result in a movement towards ever greater alignment with your truth and your path, and fuller expression of your Spirit and your personal blueprint for balance, health, and wholeness.

The deepest work we can do together arises naturally out of our authentic connection and honest exploration of your truth in the moment, and the greater truth of your path in this lifetime.  From this co-created resonance, I am intuitively guided throughout your session.  It is my deepest honor to hold space for you as your Spirit transforms your consciousness and your tissues, and your path reveals itself.


What is causing you pain or distress?

I have extensive experience helping people resolve a wide range of aches and pains, emotional distress, and underlying issues.  I describe my work as trauma healing to include all the many ways trauma can be stored in the bodymind ~ physical, psycho-emotional, and energetic.

These are complaints and challenges I can help resolve:

  • Clearing Physical Trauma, whether recent or years old (Surgeries, Car Accidents, Sports Injuries, Falls, etc.)
  • Relieving Neurological Problems (Numbness from Pinched Nerves, Visual/Hearing Disturbances, Dizziness)
  • Relieving Pain (Headaches, Dental Pain, Arthritis, Physical Trauma, Chronic Pain, etc.)
  • Clearing Emotional Trauma (Physical/Emotional/Sexual Abuse, Rape, Assault, etc. ~ some issues take longer to clear)
  • Relieving Symptoms of Trauma (Anxiety, Panic, Fear, PTSD, Phobias, etc.)
  • Clearing Blocks to Taking Action (Fears around Starting a Business, Changing Careers, Starting/Ending Relationships, Manifesting Your Dreams)
  • Healing Your Heart (Betrayal, Divorce, Breakup, Death/Loss, Grief, etc.)
  • Clearing Blocks to Intimacy (Fear of Intimacy, Fear of Abandonment, etc.)
  • Healing Your Inner Child ~ Growing Self-Esteem, Self-Love, Self-Awareness, Self-Care
  • Deepening Your Meditation Practice, Presence, and Intimacy within Self
  • Deepening Your Capacity for Intimacy in Relationships ~ Getting Ready for the Best Relationship of Your Life!

Many people who come to me for help with a specific physical trauma such as a sports injury or surgery are surprised to find that the injured area of their body was already holding unresolved emotional issues, and the healing ends up happening on many levels, and leading into a transformational experience.

I get great satisfaction and fulfillment in doing this work, and I am deeply grateful that I can be of service!

Blessings to all,


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