Qigong is an ancient healing and martial art that develops and balances the bio-energetic meridians of the body.  It is so ancient that it predates and is foundational to T'ai Chi and all other martial arts.

I offer personal instruction in the Golden Eight style of Medical Qigong, as described in "The Healing Art of Qigong" by Master Hong Liu.  I am certified to teach this style through Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine (Santa Monica, CA).  My teacher was Merle Morgan-Drennan, apprentice to Master Hong Liu.

This system begins with eight basic Qigong exercises that open and maintain the twelve primary acupuncture meridians, supporting the health and wellness of all the major organs of the physical body.  You do not need to learn all eight exercises; you can learn just the ones you need to support particular meridian and organ systems.

Here are some of the benefits of the Golden Eight style Qigong exercises:

1) "Reach for Happiness" benefits Heart, Lungs, Spine, Digestive problems, increases circulation to heart and abdominal area, increases lung capacity, increases oxygen flow to the brain.

2) "The Archer" benefits Heart and Lungs, improves circulation in neck area, prevents structural and functional disorders associated with poor posture.

3) "Between Heaven and Earth" benefits Stomach, Spleen, Liver, Gallbladder, and Digestive system.

4)  "Look Back and Let Go" benefits all meridian systems, benefits Central Nervous System, lowers stress and emotional turmoil, prevents high blood pressure, stimulates internal organs and circulation.

5)  "Twist and Release" benefits Liver and all meridian systems, increases circulation and breathing capacity, releases tension, lowers blood pressure, calms the heart, releases anger.

6)  "Bending for Health" benefits Kidneys, Adrenals, Urinary system, Prostate and Reproductive problems, stimulates circulation in the lower abdomen, strengthens nervous system, adjusts overall body metabolism, increases blood flow to the brain, nurtures personal Chi.

7)  "Energy Punch" benefits Lungs, Central Nervous System, Skeletal and Muscular systems, adjusts breathing to increase vitality, promotes Chi and blood circulation.

8)  "Energy Jump" benefits all meridians, stimulates and energizes nervous system, skeletal system and blood circulation, stimulates growth of bone marrow, balances internal organs.

In addition to the Golden Eight style of Medical Qigong, I am trained in three more styles of Qigong and two styles of T'ai Chi.

I am available for private instruction for individuals and groups.  My office can accommodate up to four people.  For larger classes, space needs to be arranged.





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