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There are many resources and products that I use to support my own health and well-being, and I share that information here with you, grouped into the categories of the Eight Pillars of Health.

Please also scroll down for my favorite products that assist with cleansing and detoxing.

This page of freely offered information is one way I enjoy being of service.  Best wishes for your continued health and well-being, and many thanks for your support.


The Eight Pillars of Health

The primary sustenance we need to absorb on a daily basis for balance and optimal energy flow is   Energy!  Our bio-systems are continuously gathering, assimilating, and releasing energy.  The Eight Pillars of Health describe the various energies that are foundational for health and well-being.  The first four Pillars of Health obviously relate to the first four elements.  I'm throwing in the fifth element, Ether, in the recommendations.

1st Pillar of Health (Earth - 1st Chakra):  Absorbing Earth energy from pure Food.  Absorbing Earth energy through skin contact with the planet Earth.

2nd Pillar of Health (Water - 2nd Chakra):  Absorbing Water energy from pure Water.

3rd Pillar of Health (Fire - 3rd Chakra):  Absorbing Fire energy from natural Sunlight.

4th Pillar of Health (Air - 4th Chakra):  Absorbing Air energy from pure, clean Air.

5th Pillar of Health:  Generating, Circulating, and Storing life force energy from Internal (energetic) and External (physical) Exercise.

6th Pillar of Health:  Generating, Circulating, Storing, and Sharing life force energy through Healthy Relationships.

7th Pillar of Health:  Generating, Circulating, Storing and Sharing life force energy through Being Passionate about Something.

8th Pillar of Health:  Generating, Circulating, Storing and Sharing life force energy through Being of Service.

Products that Support your Earth

Seaweed as a nutritional supplement, which has a full spectrum of trace minerals in the same proportions needed by our physical bodies.

Clay as a nutritional supplement, which has a full spectrum of trace minerals and is also grounding in nature.

Absorbing Earth energy through foods is best when the foods are pure, natural, and unadulterated. Currently, all almonds sold in stores in North America have been either pasteurized or fumigated, and are permitted to be sold without labeling indicating this.  I recommend only eating almonds purchased directly from Farmer's Markets, or buying from LivingNutz, a Gourmet Raw Foods company that is currently importing their almonds from Spain and Italy.  More links to resources for pure foods coming soon!

Earthing your body through being barefoot out in nature or sleeping grounded on the Earth provides necessary bio-energetic balancing.  Free electrons also come into the body from the Earth and neutralize free radicals.  Walk barefoot in the grass or on the beach at every opportunity.  If you don't get enough time barefoot in nature, I highly recommend earthing your body by sleeping on a grounded bed pad or under a recovery bag from EarthFX, or using one of their grounding pads under your bare feet or forearms while you sit at your computer:  http://earthing.com/

Products that Support your Water

I buy all my drinking water at House of Living Water
11117 Palms Blvd at Sepulveda, West Los Angeles, 90034     310.841.6898
There are many franchises that have this same technology, so there may be one in your area.  A seven-stage filtration process produces water that is cleaner and tastes better than most bottled water, with flouride, chlorine, and nearly all contaminants removed.  You buy or bring your own glass or polycarbonate water containers to refill at only $0.45/gallon.  For women, I recommend that you get stackable containers size 2.5 gallon or smaller.  Larger ones are too heavy to carry from the car when full.

I recommend that you use a water filter on your kitchen sink faucet so that you have clean water for preparing food.  I also recommend water filters for your shower head and bathtub faucet so that your skin absorbs only pure water.  You will be amazed what this does for your hair!  Water filter recommendations will appear here shortly.  In the meantime, search for one that removes fluoride and radiation from your drinking water.  Your shower filter doesn't need to be of such a high quality, and mainly needs to remove chlorine.

I recommend a distillation machine if you live in an area where no amount of filtering will produce clean water.  You will need to add minerals back to your water or take other trace mineral supplements, such as seaweed or clay.

There is also a product available called a water vitalizer that makes Water life force more easily absorbed by the body.  Link coming soon.

Products that Support your Fire

We thrive on daily natural Sunlight.  The health benefits are numerous, and in future, I will provide links to some of the information.  For myself, I prefer to get 20 minutes of Sunlight each morning (10 minutes front and back), before the Sun is directly overhead.

Recommendations for full-spectrum lighting coming soon.

I generally recommend avoiding synthetic sunscreens unless you read ingredients carefully and check for toxic or carcinogenic substances.  Pure jojoba oil has an SPF of about 7.  The best sunscreen available is generated naturally by your skin as a result of eating large quantities of anti-oxidants, which are available in high concentrations in berries, a great Fire food!

Products that Support your Air

Recommendations on the way for HEPA Air filters for home and car.  You should also get a vacuum cleaner that has a HEPA air filter built in. 

Products that Support your Ether

Edible flowers provide Ether energy.  Raw Honey and Raw Bee Pollen come from flowers, and are great Ether foods.

Flower Essences and Pure Essential Oils support many elements, and many specifically support Ether energy.

Tuning Forks specifically designed for balancing the human energetic field can be purchased from one of my Polarity teachers, Dr. John Beaulieu, who spent years researching the effects of sound healing, and offers a variety of tuning forks manufactured to his own specfications.  For the Ether element, I recommend the "Angel Tuners." 

Supporting your Health through Exercise

I truly believe that Internal exercise which generates and stores bio-energy is much more important and effective than simple physical movement which burns more bio-energy than it generates.  Therefore, I recommend Polarity Yoga, Hsin Tao, Qigong, T'ai Chi, Continuum Movement, Kundalini Yoga, and some other forms of Yoga.  Also, some forms of Martial Arts focus on the energetics as much as the physical, and develop the energy body, open meridians, and cultivate (store) bio-energy.

For people who are too weak, too ill, too exhausted, or otherwise unable to get enough physical exercise, I recommend the Chi Machine.  I use it myself, in addition to exercise, because it has so many other health benefits.  Link coming soon.

Another great product that supports your health on a more physical and cardio level is the rebounder, a mini trampoline.  The moments of suspension in mid-air before falling back onto the rebounder allow lymphatic fluids to circulate through your system much more quickly than with other forms of exercise.  This supports the immune system and many other bio-systems.

And yes, even if your energy body is completely open and flowing, there is still something to be said for cardio exercise, strength training, flexibility, and weight-bearing exercise.  Many of the Energetic Exercise practices can cover the Physical territory as well.  If you need guidance in incorporating both physical and energetic exercises into some routines that work for you, we can work together to design a personalized program that takes into consideration your current conditioning, your current abilities, and your goals.


Supporting Healthy Relationships

The  most powerful practice I have found for supporting you in having healthy relationships is a simple and extremely effective form of Heart-Centered meditation.  This practice expands your capacity for true intimacy within yourself -- the ability to rest and relax into your own heart without fear of loneliness.  Intimacy is presence -- being present with your internal experience in the moment.  This intimacy within self is the foundation for intimacy with other, and the ability to offer this presence to your partner naturally arises out of your own presence within yourself.

If you are seeking to begin a new relationship, this is the inner work that will make your next relationship the best one of your life.  If you are already in a partner relationship, I invite you both to learn this practice together.  It will deepen your intimacy in ways you cannot even imagine!

I also offer sessions for couples who are dealing with specific issues in relationship.  These sessions use mindfulness techniques to shine light on the sources of issues hidden under the surface and bring blind spots into the light of awareness.  When what is hidden becomes visible, then ways to accommodate each others needs and choices about how best to do that become obvious, and issues resolve in short order.


Supporting Passion and Being of Service

The best way I can support you in finding your passion and finding your way to being of service is through a Polarity and/or Spiritual Counseling session in which that is your intention for your session.  I offer sessions specifically focused on finding your passion and visioning your ideal future.


Products Supporting Cleansing and Detoxing

Vitamix Blender

Green Star Juicer

Proctor-Silex Citrus Juicer

Colema Board (home equipment for gentle version of colonic, much more thorough than enemas)

Far-Infrared Sauna

Tongue Cleaner

Sea Salt and Epsom Salt Baths

Skin Brushing




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