Session Logistics

Scheduling a Session

It is best if we speak by phone to set up an appointment.  For purposes of calculating travel time, my Topanga office is located 15 minutes into Topanga Canyon from Pacific Coast Highway, or 15 minutes into the canyon from the Topanga Canyon exit off the 101 freeway.  My Santa Monica office is located near Ocean Park Blvd. and 28th Street.  I will provide the address and directions at the time that we book your appointment.

Please plan to arrive shortly before your session is scheduled to start.  The telephones will be turned off during sessions, and may not be turned back on until a few minutes before your scheduled start time.

I want to specifically recommend against scheduling a Cranio-Sacral Therapy session right before any important business meeting, or any other event for which you need to access left-brain functions with rapid response time.  This particular modality works with the central nervous system, which includes the brain, and it takes a few hours for your system to integrate the work.  You will be very relaxed after a Cranio-Sacral session, and it is best to let this relaxed and soft-focused state continue as long as possible to get the maximum benefit from your session.  It may even be challenging to focus on left-brain tasks.  Most people experience improved brain function within a day or two after the session.

Preparing for Your Session

Energetically, your session starts when we book your appointment.  During the days leading up to your session, you may find yourself reflecting on the issues that inspired you to make the appointment, and what you hope to accomplish in the session (your intentions).  You can take advantage of this time by making note of your intentions for your session as they become clear to you, and being present with yourself as thoughts, feelings and sensations arise related to those issues.  It often happens that new awareness arises out of allowing yourself time to reflect, and your intentions for your session shift and change as your session approaches, so that when you finally arrive and we discuss what you want to focus on, the issues have already evolved to a new level.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows full freedom of movement, such as sweat pants or yoga clothes.  Please, no tight jeans. If you need to come straight from work or another appointment, feel free to bring something to change into once you arrive.  You will probably be most comfortable during the session if you're not too hungry or too full.  It is generally a good idea to have water and snacks in your car for after your session.  You might also want to bring a journal.  If you have time to stop at the beach or the state park, you might want to bring a beach towel to sit on.

After Your Session

Depending on the nature of your session, you may want to give yourself some time for integration.  I like to suggest a walk in Topanga State Park or a walk along the beach to be out in nature for awhile.  If that is not possible, it's still good to give yourself some quiet time.  If you are experiencing so much energy moving through your body that it is uncomfortable, walking along the beach with your feet in the water is grounding and balancing, or you might want to take a bath with two cups of sea salt or epsom salt in the water.

Payment Methods

I accept cash, checks, credit cards and PayPal.  To pay via credit card or PayPal, please let me know while we're scheduling your session, and make a note of the agreed-upon fee.  Then pay in advance of your session by clicking on the button below, typing the amount in the box, and clicking on "Update".  To use a credit or debit card, click on "Don't have a PayPal account?" and enter the card.

24-Hour Cancellation Policy

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy.  If you need to cancel your session with less than 24 hours notice, payment in full is still required.  If I need to cancel your session with less than 24 hours notice, I will reschedule that session at no charge.


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